1. Do I need to key in the RIGHT information?

Yes, you will need to key in the right information. The accuracy of the information you enter in the calculator has a bearing on the final estimated value generated by the calculator.

If any of the boxes is not completed, the calculator may not reflect the accurate estimated value. If the calculator is unable to provide an answer, please check that you have entered all the details correctly.

2. What if I do not know the ‘Age of Building’ of my property as it was purchased from a sub sale?

The age of building has 4 ranges in 10 years banding for selection. The design factor of the property is reflected in this selection and would have some bearing to the estimated rebuilding cost generated.

If the Age of Building is left blank, the calculator would auto compute the age of property as default to 1-10 years old.

3. Why is ‘Topography of the Land which the building sits’ required?

There is some factor applied to this parameter and it is important for this selection to be completed. Otherwise the calculator may not reflect the accurate final estimated value.

4. What if my property is 2 ½ storey and there is no selection available?

The selection available is to the nearest 1 storey. For example, if your property is 1 ½ storey, kindly select 2 storey and if your property is 2 ½ storey, kindly select 3 storey & above.

5. How do I know what is my Gross Built Up Area or Gross Floor Area?

If you know the length (feet) and width (feet) of your house, for example 70 ft x 20 ft, the calculator will automatically calculate the estimated gross floor area. Kindly take note that this function is available to estimate the Gross Built Up Area for terrace houses only. You have to refer to your Sale & Purchase Agreement for the information on the Gross Built Up Area of your house for other types of properties, such as detached, semi-detached, townhouse, shop office and shop house.

6. What if my home is completed with renovations?

You have to estimate the external or internal or improved finishes done in your house and key-in the amount in the box provided.

If you have extensive renovations or have complex structures done for your house, you are advised to consult a Professional Valuer or Professional Quantity Surveyor. They will be able to arrive at the most likely cost of rebuilding your home.

7. What if I do not have the breakdown of the renovation works which were carried out long time ago?

There are 3 category stated under the item “Quality of The Property” as LOW, STANDARD and HIGH. If you have done renovation works nearest to the description as defined under the item, then the calculator has capture the value when the ‘Quality of the Property’ is selected. However, it does not reflect the actual renovation works if there is major or extensive renovations or have complex structures done for your house, you are advised to consult a Professional Valuer or Professional Quantity Surveyor. They will be able to arrive at the most likely cost of rebuilding your home.

8. Can a unit owner of a non-landed property (such as apartment, condominium) use the calculator to estimate the rebuilding cost of his/her unit?

The calculator is not meant for use by individual unit owner of a non-landed property. For properties such as Flat, Apartment, Serviced Apartment, Condominium, the calculator is available for use by Joint Management Body of the property only.

9. Does the calculator cater for recreational features and retaining walls for high rise residential property such as flat, apartment and condominium?

The calculator identifies the potential costs associated with rebuilding recreational features like swimming pools only but NOT retaining walls.

Hence, if there is massive constructed retaining walls, it is advisable for the Property Managers or JMB to consult a Professional Valuer or Professional Quantity Surveyor. They will be able to arrive at the most likely cost of rebuilding the apartment or condominium.

10. Is the estimated values generated by the calculator available for printing?

When you have completed your calculation, you can print out the result or save a copy on your computer. That way you'll have a record of the information your estimate is based on.

The information you enter into the calculator is used solely for the purposes of estimating the likely cost of rebuilding your home.

11. How is the calculator developed?

The Association has appointed Jurukur Bahan Pendita Sdn Bhd (Pendita) a professional quantity surveying company to provide credible and reliable building cost index data for the development of the calculator.

The values produced by the calculator includes anticipated construction costs and allowances for professional fees, demolition, removal of debris and GST – things people often don't consider when thinking about the cost of rebuilding their home.

12. Who will be updating the data to the latest building cost index?

The building cost index data will be updated by Pendita on an annual basis, including any significant change to the building cost index in between the maintenance period.

13. Does the calculator guarantees the accuracy of the rebuilding cost?

The calculator is intended to estimate the sums to be insured and is not a substitute for professional advice to be obtained, in particular where the property has any unusual and/or special features or is outside the range of properties described in the calculator.

If your house has unique or special design features, you are advised to obtain professional advice for a more accurate assessment of your property.

14. I wish to know more on the rebuilding cost as basis of sum insured – who do I contact?

If you are unsure on some key aspects of the Fire insurance policy or Houseowner Policy and how to decide on the Sum Insured for your home, kindly do consult your insurer or insurance intermediary for further advise.

This FAQ section is prepared in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version, the English version shall prevail.